Powerful BE-Longing

If you're feeling exhausted...like me

January 20, 2022 Lisa Hatlestad Season 1 Episode 8
Powerful BE-Longing
If you're feeling exhausted...like me
Show Notes

In this episode I share my experience of feeling resistance and exhaustion lately, and what I've uncovered that's been draining my flow and energy.

I also shared some great news about my upcoming small group intensive, The Riverside - lisahatlestad.com/the-riverside

New guest instructors/facillitators are coming on board to share their magic:
Sonia Wright, MD and Midlife Sex Coach
Janet Archer, Master Coach, Author, & Mindfulness Teacher
(and watch for even more!)

I'm working to set up a second possibility for date and time to open up space for those of you who want to register but haven't because it's not fitting your schedule - reach out to me at lisa@lisahatlestad.com and let me know what would work for you...my goal is to open a space that best works for as many as possible.

I've extended the 15% discount off the full price, and a payment plan is available if that feels more accessible for you. If you have some special needs, again, please reach out.

If you're not subscribed to my email updates, you can sign up on my homepage to be the first to hear the latest news on both The Riverside and Prairie Visionary Soul podcast.

Next week: Join me for a powerful conversation on "Not not taking it personally" - and no, there's not a typo - with Master Coach and author Karen CL Anderson who works with adult daughters who want to use their relationship with their difficult mother as a catalyst for growth.

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