Powerful BE-Longing

Goals, Going Backwards, the Queen Archetype and Chess

January 12, 2022
Powerful BE-Longing
Goals, Going Backwards, the Queen Archetype and Chess
Show Notes

What do our desires and goals, the archetypal energy of the Queen, the game of chess and "going backwards" have in common: a lot, for me, anyway. In today's episode I pull them all together to create an effective strategy for accomplishment. You're gonna want to share this one with the friends you commiserate with about "going backwards" on goal journeys!

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The Riverside will also  give you more courage and grounded belief in your own power to impact your own life and the lives of others, and for those of you who are coaches and therapists, you'll gain an  in-depth understanding of  language and strategies and tools you can incorporate into your own client practices, as well.

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