Powerful BE-Longing

Conversation with Katie Gall - Insisting on Enoughness, Dammit

January 05, 2022 Season 1 Episode 6
Powerful BE-Longing
Conversation with Katie Gall - Insisting on Enoughness, Dammit
Show Notes

I met Katie in an advanced coaching certification program where we were brought together by cosmic forces of good as peer coaching partners.  If you ever want to bare your soul to someone with very little preamble and know they'll catch you in your fall, that's one perfect way to do so.

What I came to love most about Katie is her hilarious, poignant honesty and her indomitable, real, feminist spirit. The girl's got feist and grit for days. You'll definitely catch it in this show, where we talk all things enoughness, claiming our own space, and finding our way to living our individual truth in a crazy world.

Katie and I are both coaches and business owners, but you certainly do not need to be either to get SO much goodness from this conversation. Pull up a chair and join us.

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Katie's info:
Katie Gall is a Keeper of Realness; a Truth Teller and a Personal Coach for Business Owners & Creatives.

Katie helps freedom seeking creatives navigate starting and running a business that fits THEIR life not the other way round.

She's dedicated herself to helping the Superwomen and Superwomen-Identifying of the world reclaim their time, energy, power, and confidence to boldly go after their goals and live unapologetic lives.

She’s your not-so-serious go-to-girl for Realness and Truth.

Her approach to her craft is sharing her no-BS, truth-telling approach matched with love and care. Katie’s coaching style gets to the root of unlocking your best self (and a bit of crushing the patriarchy at the same time!)

Website: https://www.keepingitrealkatie.com

IG: @keepingitrealkatie

FB: @keepingitrealwithkatiegall