Powerful BE-Longing

Expectation, Longing, Disappointment

December 22, 2021 Lisa Hatlestad Season 1 Episode 4
Powerful BE-Longing
Expectation, Longing, Disappointment
Show Notes

Ahhh, the holiday season...what better time to talk about disappointment?

We work so hard to avoid disappointment, AND we often set ourselves up to feel disappointment with our perfectionist fantasies of how things should be.

But disappointment is intrinsically connected to our willingness to dream, to hope, to envision...and to take action toward those dreams and hopes. It also gives us the chance, over and over again, to renew our hope. Our dreams. Our expectations and our actions toward them.

Today I put together cat butts, Christmases past, and a beautiful passage from one of my favorite books, Toko-pa Turner's Belonging - Remembering Ourselves Home, to explore this beautiful, fully human cycle.

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