Powerful BE-Longing

Eps 3 - Creating inner and outer change through ritual

December 15, 2021 Lisa Hatlestad Season 1 Episode 3
Powerful BE-Longing
Eps 3 - Creating inner and outer change through ritual
Show Notes

When we think about ritual, we might think of religious or ceremonial rites; we also might think of routines...many of us have a morning or evening routine, for example, that  we're committed to and seldom vary. We might say we follow this routine "religiously" and that it is our morning or evening ritual.

No matter, ritual is usually taking proscribed actions, and these actions have meaning...often on a much larger scale than what's actually, physically taking place.

I believe that adding intentional ritual to our lives not only helps mark and celebrate important passages, transitions, and changes, but can also deepen and enrich our overall life. Yes, it can help mark special moments...even hard moments...but it can also bring a rich aliveness and mindfulness to our "ordinary" days that makes us more intentional participants in our lives.

It also can help us facilitate, allow, process, even transmute powerful emotion, and it can help us work solve problems and get ourselves unstuck where we've not been able to fully help ourselves through other means of inner work before.

In this episode, I unpack ritual as I define it, and how I use it. I talk about how action alone is not ritual, but when  combined with meaningful, intentional metaphor, can create powerful change - change that's much bigger than those actions, even bigger than our human selves.

I quote Caroline W Casey, astrologer, activist, speaker and author - here's her bio from her extraordinary book Making the Gods Work for You: "Imagination lays the tracks for the reality train to follow"....ritual is a way of working magic with our imagination, intentions and actions to create new ways of being, experiencing, doing. New possibilities. New realities. Not just inside of us, but out in the world.

I share a few examples of every-day simple actions and how, through metaphor, we can transmute those actions into something that can transform us on the soul level. I also share a personal example of how I used ritual involving metaphor to release myself from being stuck in a resentful relationship that was eating away at me inside.

If today's episode speaks to you...give ritual a try. If you have questions or want to share your experiments with ritual, you can reach me on:

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