Powerful BE-Longing

Ep 2: Synchronicities and Unexpected Turns: Janet Archer and I talk life paths

December 08, 2021 Season 1 Episode 2
Powerful BE-Longing
Ep 2: Synchronicities and Unexpected Turns: Janet Archer and I talk life paths
Show Notes

As I approached my 50s, I would find myself waking up at night with a sort of vague fear that somehow, I'd missed my chance in life to follow my dreams - dreams of writing a book, of becoming someone who helped others, made a contribution...but then I came across a coaching e-zine featuring master coach Janet Morningstar Archer, and my life was changed.

In today's episode, I have a heart to heart with Janet, who is not only a colleague but a dear friend, about...well, about a lot of things, but mainly about how our paths in life are not always linear or planned out ahead of time. More often than not, our paths twist and turn as we change, grow, and age.

Janet, a master coach, author, mindfulness, meditation and yoga teacher, coach mentor and coach instructor in her early 70s  is proof positive that it's never too late to learn, to yearn, to do the impossible, to know yourself in new ways.

She's also one of the most young at heart elders I know, and she's hilarious AND profound. I love what she says in today's episode about how, as we age, we don't "think older," we "think wise."

Join us in today's episode (Episode 2) as we discuss how we don't know until we know...and that now, looking back, it seems we always did know. Catch the amazing story of Janet's choice for a name for herself (I love that she just decided she could, and did), and....special bonus: Janet reads a story from her first book, "An Invitation to Pause" about how she chose her last name, and why. Link to that bonus audio, below.

You can find more information about Janet and her two books HERE
Or find her books on Amazon.com

An Invitation to Pause: Musings from a Mindfulness Teacher

An Invitation to Pause...Again: Musings from a Mindfulness Teacher about Life and Dementia

Janet is a mentor for coaches in
the Life Coach School's flagship member program, Self Coaching Scholars

Janet reads "Stepping In to My Name" from her book An Invitation to Pause - LISTEN HERE