Powerful BE-Longing

Claiming Your Space as a Wayward Coach

November 11, 2022 Season 3 Episode 28
Powerful BE-Longing
Claiming Your Space as a Wayward Coach
Show Notes

Today’s show is a conversation with my friend and coach Bridgette Boudreau. I’ve had Bridgette on the show before to talk about her mosaic approach to being guided toward our purpose and joy, and if you didn’t get a chance to listen to that one you can find it as Episode 12 of this podcast.

Today’s conversation is about wayward coaches. Intrigued? I hope so, because whether you’re a coach or not... or if you are a coach, whether you’re practicing or not...there is so much in today’s conversation about the influence of marketing and popular culture on us all, and how regardless of the intention of any of it, we can so easily internalize it to mean that there’s something wrong with us, that we don’t belong.

The coaching world NEEDS heart-centered people with a call to healing. And to see wonderful humans who want to help but feel turned off or turned away from the industry because of loud messaging just leave their dream behind is incredibly sad.

Yet hyperbolic messaging and loudness is not going away. BUT just because it's so amplified, it's  not the only  way. I’m really passionate about amplifying other voices, such as Bridgette's, that are down to earth, kind and wise voices out there that, like our own inner voice, our intuition, are quieter. More subtle and substantial and meaningful to our soul. It’s my great pleasure to bring this conversation to you and I hope you enjoy. 

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Here's Bridgette's FaceBook post on red flags to watch for in personal/spiritual development marketing.

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