Powerful BE-Longing

The Innocent and the Orphan

August 19, 2022 Lisa Hatlestad Season 3 Episode 22
Powerful BE-Longing
The Innocent and the Orphan
Show Notes

Pretty much every story arc of the myths and fairy tales and stories most loved by humanity starts with the idealistic innocent - the one who operates by the principals of simplicity - and this isn’t wrong or bad, it just is, because we ALL start here. The Innocent then goes on a quest where every single one of those simple principals is challenged. At the end of the story arc, the innocent has reached their nirvana, but they have changed. They’re more. They have greater perspective, nuanced understanding that helps them go on the next quest, because there’s always a next. Part of that expansion and change is the integration of the orphan archetype, which shows up in times of betrayal.

We don't go back to being completely innocent and "clueless" like we were before the journey began, yet we are able to embrace a trust in ourselves and lives that ready us for the next journey. We NEED our innocence, and we also need the experienced wariness the orphan brings to our lives. They are integral parts of our growth through our human lives, and both offer unique gifts that work together when we're aware of these energies and not being driven by their shadows.

Join me today for a 101 on these two archetypes and how they're interwoven, and then...sink into the complex relationship between YOUR Innocent and Orphan.
Where and how do they show up?
What gifts can you find in them to ready you for what ever is next in your life's journey?

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