Powerful BE-Longing

Shadow with Joanna Lindenbaum

June 10, 2022 Lisa Hatlestad Season 2 Episode 18
Powerful BE-Longing
Shadow with Joanna Lindenbaum
Show Notes

I've been so excited to bring Joanna Lindenbaum back to the show to unpack a topic that's both intriguing and also a little mysterious and sometimes misunderstood: Shadow.

Joanna teaches master level facilitation and coaching skills to coaches, healers and speakers, drawing on her extensive background with human behavior, archetypes and Jungian shadow, and I'm so grateful to be one of her students, beginning in 2020...a year that most definitely warranted some deep dives into all the things I just mentioned!

If you’ve been following this show for a while, you’ll remember Joanna from Season one, where she shared generously from her rich knowledge on the art of ritual, and it’s one of my most-loved episodes, so if you’d like to catch up on that one, it’s episode 11 in season one.

In today's show, Joanna shares her expertise on what Shadow is, how we can learn to recognize it, and WHY it's important to recognize AND integrate it.

She also helps us understand  how, in the process of befriending our shadow, we not only allow our whole humanness, we also reunite ourselves with our unique gifts, desires, and purpose.

I know you're going to enjoy and learn so much from this episode, and you may find yourself wanting to explore Joanna's world, which includes her signature Sacred Depths and Advanced Depths practitioner trainings, both of which will be happening this summer, beginning in July. Here's how you can find Joanna online:

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Joanna's work: Applied Depths Practitioner Institute

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