Powerful BE-Longing

Sacred Rejection

May 24, 2022 Lisa Hatlestad Season 2 Episode 16
Powerful BE-Longing
Sacred Rejection
Show Notes

Let me count the ways I've tried to dodge rejection in my life.

Actually, don't. It would take a long time. Also, you yourself may be pretty familiar with the art; most of us are.

Rejection hurts. Sometimes it just stings, and sometimes it feels as though the ground has opened to swallow us up forever. It triggers a core wound in us: maybe I'm not enough, and if I'm not enough, I won't be able to survive.

The threat of rejection can bring us in line with the very things we reject. 

  • We might find ourselves tolerating conditions or people or behavior our soul cannot stand.
  • We might say yes to things we in no way want to do, or present ourselves in ways that are not at all in alignment with our nature and preferences. 
  • We might stay quiet about something truly important to us.
  • We might quash our own spirit, squinch ourselves as small as we can, tiptoe through life to not make waves, put everyone else's needs and wants before ours, ignore our needs entirely, tongue-tie our own self-expression, quash our creativity.
  • We might not ask for what we need, what we want...and in some cases, move all the way to the other end of the spectrum, becoming hyper-independent and disdainfully proud in our loneliness.

All to avoid being rejected, being told "no," being left, being left out.

The above things are no less painful, but we feel that we're in control of that pain.
But let's face it, we're still being driven by the fear, and feeling...like shit.

In today's show, I unpack rejection - why we fear it, and how it's a sacred initiation for us individually, every time it happens. Every time we open to it, and even when we don't but it happens anyway. Because honestly, we can't avoid it, no matter how hard we might try.

You're invited to join me today at the Roundtable of Love for the Soul-Curious to play with rejection intellectually and spiritually in today's show: Sacred Rejection.

I made this worksheet for you to continue the play after the show...and I'd love to hear what comes up for you, or answer any questions that come up for you. Find me on FaceBook, Instagram, slide into my messages, or reach out via email. I'd be delighted to hear from you.

Also - I have a couple of spots open for one to one coaching this summer. If you've been curious about or wanting to work with me, now is a great time to make that happen. Reach out, and let's have an obligation-free, absolutely no-pressure conversation.

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