Powerful BE-Longing

Self-Honesty and the Better Angels of our Nature

April 21, 2022 Lisa Hatlestad Season 2 Episode 14
Powerful BE-Longing
Self-Honesty and the Better Angels of our Nature
Show Notes

Why does "being honest with ourselves" sometimes make us squirm and avoid being honest with ourselves?

The answer is our fear of our shadow. What we judge (and perhaps...just maybe...we've picked a bit of this up from our family, our society, mass media, our religions of origins and other predominant systems....hm? Hm? Maybe?) to be wrong about us and therefore refuse to be conscious of.

Which then ironically allows our unconscious shadow to drive how we interact with life.

In today's show I share an experience of my own where this happened (and sometimes still does) - where I was in pain, really struggling, and yet refused to see the truth of the situation, and how I eventually liberated myself from that vicious cycle.

I talk about how LOUD shame and judgement are, and how quiet, unassuming, yet powerfully persistent the voice of conscience from our soul - the better angel, as Abraham Lincoln coined it,  of our nature - can help us let go of what we know is harming us but won't let ourselves see.

This is an episode you're going to want to listen to and listen to again and share with others because there is powerful truth within. See for yourself. 😘

I also share about a free mini class and workshop I'm offering (because my birthday is coming up and I WANT to you to share in it and give yourself a birthday gift), and some other updates about where I'm showing up and what I'm doing.



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