Powerful BE-Longing

The Truth About Truth

March 25, 2022 Lisa Hatlestad Season 1 Episode 13
Powerful BE-Longing
The Truth About Truth
Show Notes

Hey loves! Today's episode is the last show of Season One of Prairie Visionary Soul. It's been amazingly delicious to be able to connect with you all in this way, and even more delicious to be able to connect you with some of my own teachers and colleagues who are brilliant, loving, incredible forces for good in the world. 

I'm taking a short hiatus before the Season Two launch in mid-April. I'll keep you informed in my subscription emails - if you're not already signed up, head over to Lisahatlestad.com and get yourself on the list. I don't spam my subscribers...and that is the truth.

Speaking of which, that's what we're unpacking today. Truth.
For such a definitive word, its definitions can be...a little slippery, and we seem to seldom ask ourselves what our beliefs about truth are, and how we decide what's true or not true (pssst...a lot of what we think is true or not is operating from default in our heads). 

One reason I'm particularly delighted to be talking about this today is because season two is devoted to The Art of Being True. So a good discernment about truth seems like a fabulous idea leading up to that.

I seeded some questions into the beginning to today's show that you may want to jot down, pause the podcast, and do some exploration/journaling on because, when's the last time you defined your truth about truth. 

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