Powerful BE-Longing

Conversation with Joanna Lindenbaum on Ritual

March 04, 2022 Season 1 Episode 11
Powerful BE-Longing
Conversation with Joanna Lindenbaum on Ritual
Show Notes

Today's show is a conversation with master healing practitioner trainer and facilitator Joanna Lindenbaum. The conversation is centered around one of my favorite topics - ritual.

Ritual is embedded in our humanness. Our psyches and bodies crave it and naturally respond to it. Unfortunately, we live in a culture where the depth and meaning of ritual have been "bred out" in many ways, so the rituals we do still practice don't always allow us to process the  full extent of these life transitions they way they were originally meant. 

Joanna shares her views, experience and expertise around ritual and how we as women can begin reclaiming the sacredness of our lives - the extraordinary and the mundane - through the art of intentional ritual. 

Joanna Lindenbaum teaches master level facilitation and coaching skills to coaches, healers and speakers so they can respond powerfully & effectively to the issues their clients bring to them.

Using her extensive background with human behavior, Archetypes and Jungian Shadow, Joanna’s approach to facilitation and coaching supports her students to gain a level of skill the majority of their peers don’t have. Graduates of her signature Sacred Depths Practitioner Certification become the best of the best at what they do, plus they experience life-changing personal transformations as they step into this mastery level. All of this, in turn, positively impacts their businesses as their proven results then attract more renewals, referrals, and opportunities.  


Joanna has led hundreds of retreats, workshops, and trainings with thousands of participants and clients in the US and abroad. 


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